Long Beach PeninsulaMany beautiful areas on the Long Beach Peninsula offer scenic trails, delightful fall foliage, and sightseeing opportunities near Oceanfront Getaways. During your family weekend getaways in Washington, we suggest planning a day to take in all of the beauty that surrounds you during the autumn season. We’ll provide a sneak peek on the best areas to trek while you’re staying on the Long Beach Peninsula. 

1. Willapa National Wildlife Refuge

When you’re looking for the best sightseeing and hiking in Long Beach, WA, you’ll find several reasonably flat trails at Willapa National Wildlife Refuge. During your weekend getaways in Washington, visit the local refuge where you’ll be surrounded by beautiful wooded areas, breathtaking peak fall colors, salt marshes, old-growth forests, coastal dunes, and a chance to spot a variety of wildlife. The Art Trail features art installments and is an excellent short beginner trail for those with little ones along. Perhaps you’re looking for a bit of a challenge; The Cutthroat Climb features a steep trail with fantastic payoff views. Grab your hiking boots and head to the refuge to take in the flattering scenery during the peak of autumn. 

2. Leadbetter Point State Park

On your family weekend getaways in Washington, spend time at Leadbetter Point State Park, which is a lesser-known area that’s open for daily use. The park is adjacent to the Willapa National Wildlife Refuge and features approximately five miles of silver sandy beach. Bring your binoculars to the park as the area is excellent for birdwatching! 

3. Discovery Trail

One of the best sightseeing opportunities on the Long Beach Peninsula, WA, happens on the Discovery Trail. The eight-mile trail is perfect for biking, dog walking, jogging, and features terrific glimpses of the ocean shore throughout the journey. You’ll discover many bronze sculptures sprinkled along the trail as well as an extensive boardwalk, which will further enhance your already scenic traverse. While staying in Long Beach, WA, with Oceanfront Getaways, you’ll be just a short stroll away from one of the best trails to explore during the morning, afternoon, or evening. 

Winter Weekend Getaways in Washington

Long Beach PeninsulaAfter checking out the scenery and fall foliage on the Long Beach Peninsula, you’ll have more than likely worked up a large appetite. You’ll be able to enjoy a home-cooked meal in your fully equipped kitchen; however, there are also many delicious Long Beach restaurants located close to our rentals. Check out our Winter Specials page as it’s never too early to start planning your winter weekend getaways in Washington. When you purchase two nights with Oceanfront Getaways, you’ll receive two additional nights free! Please call Sue at 1-360-665-3633 to inquire about a winter getaway or visit us online.