Long Beach RentalsOver the years, destination weddings have become incredibly popular, and nothing pairs more perfectly with a wedding than the backdrop of the ocean. Whether you’re planning to get married on the silver sandy beaches, in a beautiful venue, or at the North Head Lighthouse, the Long Beach Peninsula does not disappoint when it comes to a romantic setting. As you’re gearing up for the biggest day of your life in Long Beach, WA, why not consider staying in a vacation rental as opposed to a stuffy hotel room? The best part about staying at Oceanfront Getaways is that you’ll be located close to the beach where you can soak up the beautiful sunsets, capture breathtaking pictures, and hear the ocean every day. We suggest you check out the top five reasons you’ll want to choose our Long Beach rentals over a hotel room! 

1. Space, Space, and More Space

If you know anything about a woman, you know she needs her space when getting ready for special events such as a wedding. While staying in our Long Beach, WA, vacation rentals, you’ll have the luxury of ample space to get ready. With outfit changes, make-up applications, getting your hair done, to having your bridesmaids around, space is going to be vital. Hotels get congested and can make you feel overwhelmed on a day where you need to feel a bit more patient and relaxed. Our large vacation rentals will make you feel as though you’re at home away from home as you’re getting ready for your wedding on the Long Beach Peninsula. 

2. Kitchen Access

There’s nothing fun about standing for long periods on an empty stomach, and while there are many great Long Beach restaurants, you’ll find the convenience of a kitchen is incredible! During your stay in our Long Beach rentals, you’ll have access to a fully-equipped kitchen with a large refrigerator to store food for a quick and easy snack. Right when you get to town, we encourage you to stock your fridge so you always have something on-hand. Wedding days go by quickly, and there’s so much to fit in during a short period, so having food available throughout the day will save time and money! 

3. Save Money

It’s no secret that weddings are expensive, which is why you’ll want to save money where you can during the process. Lucky for you, our Long Beach rentals will save you money in a number of ways during your destination wedding getaway. Having a kitchen on hand will keep you from overspending at the restaurants, more bedrooms means more guests to split the cost with, and we’re always running seasonal specials

4. Pet-Friendly Long Beach Rentals

As we know, many consider their pets to be part of the family, and some even have man’s best friend walking down the aisle. Instead of stressing about finding a pet-friendly hotel, we encourage you to bring Spot to our pet-friendly Long Beach rentals! Vacation rentals will give you the freedom to run around in a yard area, which will keep everyone happy! Please check out our Pet Rental Rules online!

5. The Comfort

Long Beach RentalsWeddings are already stressful enough, which is why having a restful night’s sleep is so essential before your big day in Long Beach, WA. Hotels can be noise-ridden with multiple chatty neighbors, loud ice machines, traffic, screaming kids running down the halls, and the list goes on! Our private properties will allow you and your family to enjoy your stay in a secluded area away from the chaos! Not only will you have a fully furnished vacation home with comfortable beds, but you’ll also have quick access to the eight-mile Discovery Trail, where you can gather your thoughts before your big day. We encourage you to check out our Long Beach rentals online to see what property will suit your needs. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-360-665-3633.