Long Beach WA clam diggingRazor clam digging on Washington’s Pacific Coast is one of the region’s most exciting family-friendly activities, and Long Beach is an ideal place to give it a try! The 28-mile stretch of sand along Long Beach Penninsula is one of five designated razor clam digging beaches in the state and offers an abundance of the highly sought-after shellfish. With little skill needed for a successful dig, clamming is a fun and rewarding experience for the entire family. Vacation to Long Beach this winter with Oceanfront Getaways and make your way to the water’s edge to take part in this Washington tradition! Have some fun with Long Beach WA clam digging this season!

Washington Razor Clam Season

The recreational Long Beach WA clam digging season usually begins in October and has dates that run through May. The season’s dates are determined by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) and are based on a variety of factors, including razor clam density specific to each beach and the water’s toxin levels.  

While razor clam digging on the Washington Coast is a favorite spring-time activity, the winter season comes with many advantages. If you’re willing to gear up and brave the weather of the Pacific Northwest, you can enjoy Long Beach WA clam digging without the massive spring-break crowds. The ideal time to dig is also an added benefit of winter clamming; skip the early-morning wake-up call and enjoy the evening low tides of fall and winter months.

Long Beach WA Clam Digging Tips

Head down to the beach from your lovely vacation rentals and get ready to enjoy some Long Beach WA Clam Digging! Like we mentioned earlier, razor clam digging is a fairly easy sport that is incredibly fun and rewarding. When you get to the sand, scour the ground for a ‘clam show,’ a hole or dimple caused by the shellfish burrowing. To know if the clam is large, make sure that the hole is at least the size of a quarter. Once you think you’ve located a good clam, it’s time to dig! If you’re going old-school and using a clam shovel, then place the blade about five inches away from the clam show toward the water and thrust straight down. Push forward and lift out a scoop of sand two to three times until the shell is visible, and then grab the clam. If you’d rather not get dirty, you can use a clam gun, essentially a metal tube with handles. Place the opening of the tube directly over the clam show, and carefully insert it roughly eight inches into the sand with a gentle rocking motion. Cover the air escape vent with your thumb and lift out the plug of sand. If you don’t find the clam within that plug, then repeat the process where you think the shellfish might be.

No matter how large the clam may be, you must keep it once it’s been dug. Each person is required to carry their own bucket and cannot keep more than 15 razor clams. Those participating in the exciting sport who are 15 years or older need to get a shellfish license to dig for clams. Make sure to check the WDFW website for the season’s dates and more information.

Oceanfront Getaways

When you make a Washington Coast trip with Oceanfront Getaways, the opportunities for fun are almost endless. Plan your visit this winter and be sure to spend an evening enjoying the fantastic Long Beach WA clam digging. Searching the sands of this incredible natural resource will provide you and your family with memories that will last a lifetime!