When you’re planning a trip to the Pacific coast, you’re going to want to get outside and experience the wilderness. What better way to do that than with the family on a hiking trip! Our fantastic vacation rentals Washington State are known for offering the perfect home base during your vacation! Learn about where to hike in Washington and what areas are ideal for families with little kiddos. You’ll find everything you’re looking for to walk, bike, and be in the great outdoors when you book with Oceanfront Getaways!

Where to Hike in WA

There are plenty of places to hike in the Pacific Northwest, especially when you’re staying at one of our vacation rentals Washington state has to offer. Did you know we’ve got ten official hiking trails on the Long Beach Peninsula? That’s right! That means you’ll want to lace up your hiking shoes and hit the trails for some family fun! Don’t forget to bring a Washington field guide with you, so you can identify what animal species and flora you find along the way.

Family Friendly Trails

Hiking isn’t just for the pros, we know that when you’re with family, you’re going to have your little tikes with and walking long trails can be tiring. Save the complaining by taking the family to Discovery Trail! This fantastic trail location is paved and great for all ages. While it is at 8.3 miles in length, you can make it however long you want it to be, as you’ll be able to meander through on your own! You’ll also be able to experience the scenic views of the ocean, forests, and the grassy dunes while following the trail.

No matter what path you and your family choose to take, there is so much to do here at Oceanfront Getaways. Our rentals are top notch when you want to be close to all the activities, which makes us one of the optimal vacation rentals Washington State has to offer. Whether you’re out there hiking, biking, or just spending your days oceanside, we’ve got so much for you to do, you’ll love every minute of your vacation!