things to do in Long Beach WAGet ready, as Spring has finally sprung in Long Beach, WA! As the school year starts to slow down, it’s time to start planning your summer family vacations. A trip to Oceanfront Getaways in Long Beach WA, will not disappoint with our convenient locations to the Pacific shore. With many opportunities to get out and enjoy the ocean here are three unique springtime activities you’ll put on your long list of things to do in Long Beach WA

Lets Go Fly a Kite!

Paper, silk, large, miniature, Malaysian, Japanese, Chinese, and kites used in WWIII. Who knew there were so many fascinating kites to see in the World Kite Museum in Long Beach WA! Your kids will have the time of their lives making a kite at the World Kite Museum. As you make time to let your kids build a kite, you’ll be able to spend time walking around the museum viewing the different kite displays. You may accidentally duck down as you notice the large kites displayed overhead and on the walls! Don’t forget to plan a visit in August for the week-long annual Washington State International Kite Festival.


things to do in Long Beach WA

Pack your binoculars as the Long Beach Peninsula has over 25 miles of sandy beaches, dunes and is home to over 300 different species of birds! During your stay, you’ll want to make it a point to stop and watch as a Great Blue Heron soars 20-30 miles an hour over the tidal waves. Hear children laughing as they follow along with the Sanderlings on the waterfront. Witness Brown Pelicans seamlessly gliding over the Pacific shore, wingtips nearly brushing along the waters as they dive in after their prey. For more birdwatching opportunities, plan a visit to the Willapa National Wildlife Refuge located on 15 thousand acres in Pacific County— and a short drive from Oceanfront Getaways. Birdwatching is a pure joy that will be on your list of things to do in Long Beach WA.

Discovery Trail

Imagine a gorgeously painted sunrise during an early morning stroll along the Discovery Trail near Oceanfront Getaways. This estimated eight-mile path will have you feeling the beachy local lifestyle in no time!  Close your eyes and feel the coastal wind swirling around you as you pass under the boardwalk on a carefree bicycle ride along the path. Smile and ring your bell as you pass by dog walkers, runners, and local longboarders throughout your journey. Hop off at any intersect along the way to nest on the beach throughout the day. With breathtaking views of the historic North Head Lighthouse, Beard’s Hollow and the dunes, to north Long Beach, discovering the Discovery Trail is one of the many things to do in Long Beach WA, that you do not want to miss.

Luxurious Lodging at Oceanfront Getaways

Pack your beach attire, your family, and head to clean and comfortable lodging at an Oceanfront Getaways vacation rental home that is located an arm’s length away from the beach! When staying at Oceanfront Getaways, you’ll make your dreams of waking up listening to the crashing waves of the Pacific shore a reality! Escape the busy city life by booking a stay at Oceanfront Getaways at 1-360-665-3633 you’ll be glad you did!